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President Spencer

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Weston Spencer - 2nd Counselor

Tell us a little about yourself, where you're from, about your family, your profession and things you love doing in your spare time?

My wife, Emily and I grew up in Provo, UT. We both went to Provo High School and then to BYU where Emily graduated in nursing. We then moved to Pennsylvania where I graduated from medical school at Penn State. After completing my residency in pediatrics at Stanford we returned to Utah and joined Alpine Pediatrics in 2006. I love my job and enjoy watching kids grow up!

Emily and I have four children. Our oldest has been married just over two years and she and her husband are moving to Minnesota this summer for graduate school. We have a son at BYU and a daughter headed to BYU this fall. Our youngest will be a sophomore at Lone Peak this year. Our family loves music and anything to do with nature. We enjoy birdwatching, hiking, skiing and just being outdoors. If I'm not with my family, at church, or working you can find me on a trail, either running, mountain biking, backpacking or climbing a mountain.

Did you have any impressions as you were set apart that you'd be willing to share with the Stake?

As I was being set apart for this new calling I felt assured that the Lord is in charge and He will enable me to do what I'm asked, strengthen my weaknesses, lift and magnify my talents and help me use my spiritual gifts to bless others. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be surrounded by so many capable and supportive people in our stake.

What was a defining moment in your life that most shaped your faith?

There have been many small moments in my life that have shaped my faith, one example that is particularly powerful is my observation of the change and growth in people who willingly serve the Lord. It can be dramatic and powerful. I recall watching my wife, Emily, being called as a primary president and then as stake young women's president. As she humbled herself and worked hard, the Lord increased her capacity, wisdom and strength in the gospel and her abilities as a mother. I so admired that process and started looking for opportunities in my callings as a scoutmaster and home teacher to take on more responsibility and challenge myself. As I look back, I can more clearly see how the Lord has been able to shape me as I submit my will to his. I am still working on this and am nowhere near perfect but it is getting easier with time.

What do you do to keep your interest in reading the scriptures?

This same pattern is evident in the scriptures and is an essential part of the plan of happiness. I know that we can experience true joy, even amidst our trials as we submit our will to the Lord. He will make more out of us than we ever could on our own. This prospect is exciting to me, and as I watch others around me and read about examples in the scriptures it helps me to see what is possible. I am grateful to be serving with all of you!

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